Mask Up Fight Covid -19

The MaskUp  Project  (requiring all Philadelphia students plus residents to MaskUp) is a great match for SCOOPS (see our PPE flyer).

SCOOPS Founded by L. Trena Woodson, 100% WBE/MBE owned, in 1990 (30 years) City of Philadelphia beginning as a promotional merchandizing design company. Below is company  and small gift and office products.   

It seems like SCOOPS  morphed from providing t-shirts, mugs hats, etc to PPE items.  Now is a great time to practice working with this local vendor to reflect city population.  I have been providing cloth reusable mask to Philadelphia Gas Works and a few universities, hand sanitizers (2 oz to Aetna, 10,000 and  2500 to Cheyney  University.   (awarded three year rfp for college branding products too.   


We are a company that believes that GROWTH IS A GREAT THING.   (PHILLY STRONG)

  • 14th year producing 6,000 sweatshirts and long sleeve tees for volunteers, and 35,000 event bags for runners for the Philadelphia Marathon. This was our second year providing volunteer shirts for the Broad Street Run.
  • 14th year with the Parkway Corporation at the Philadelphia International Airport  annually providing  10,000 each of hospitality kits, embroidered fleece blankets, floor mats and assorted staff gifts.
  •  7th year  providing shirts for the Philadelphia Block Captain Project and Spring Clean     through   Levlane  Advertising.
  • 12th year providing product for Aetna/CVS membership. Some of the products are dental   kits banners, table drops journals, swag bags, tote bags, just to name a fee in quantities of 5,000 to 20,000 pieces.

We are one of 8 vendors supplying items to the Baltimore County Public Schools 5-year contract serving 200,000 students at 170 schools.  We were just awarded  (one of 9 vendors) our second Baltimore County rfp (3 year) to provide PE uniforms for their 60 schools.  Earlier became  a new vendor for Chicago Public Schools, serving 660 schools and 360,000 students 

  • We have become licensed vendors for various Universities, numbering 6 and counting. This allows us to produce product as an internal usage
  • We were awarded a RFP with The United States Military Academy, West Point  several years ago for 20,000 shirts, 15,000 hats, 15,000 lanyards, 10,000 bottles, and other items. 

 We have access to a broad variety of branding and promotional products check our online catalog